Listen to TIME’s Gold-Themed Playlist on Spotify

The Golden Globes are this Sunday. This obviously calls for a gold-themed playlist on Spotify.

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Digital Vision / Getty Images

The Golden Globes air this Sunday. I have a hard time caring about a third entertainment-awards ceremony — if you want me to pay attention to more than the Oscars and Emmys, you’re going to have to nominate me for something — but the show is always fun to watch. Case in point: two years ago, the Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer stripped on the red carpet.

In honor of the awards show, we’ve put together a gold-themed playlist on Spotify. Neil Young, Kanye West and Fleetwood Mac all make appearances, of course. But we’ve also added some lesser-known gold- and golden-themed songs for you to enjoy. And the whole list kicks off with a song by the British electro band Goldfrapp, appropriately titled “Number 1.”

You can listen to the playlist here:  TIME Magazine on Spotify.

Why did we do this? ‘Cause it’s Friday and gold is pretty. Enjoy!

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