Hear the Doors’ New Song ‘She Smells So Nice’

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Mark and Colleen Hayward / Getty Images

The Doors, in 1967.

The Doors have a new song out today. Yes, you read that correctly: the Doors. “She Smells So Nice” is the band’s first newly released song in almost 40 years, and it features vocals by the late Jim Morrison. The bluesy jam was rediscovered by L.A. Woman co-producer Bruce Botnick, who was reviewing the album’s original session tapes while working on a remastering project. Morrison’s vocals aren’t well captured; he sounds muffled and a bit abrasive — maybe that’s why the song never made it onto the original record — but it’s nice to hear his sultry growls all the same. The song’s release marks the (belated) 40th anniversary of that seminal 1971 album.

“She Smells So Nice” is available on the Doors’ Facebook page. There, you can also find information about the two-disc reissue of L.A. Woman, which includes eight alternative versions of classic Doors songs like “Love Her Madly” and “Riders on the Storm.” (This is presumably the project that Botnick was working on when he found this new song.)

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