Streaming Now (But Not For Long): Bond on Netflix

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It’s a dead zone at the movies this week. Hollywood’s annual exorcism film, The Devil Inside, is the only real new movie release. Like we said, a dead zone.

Starting this week, we’ll be trolling Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant and other Internet streaming sites to find great, important and/or trashy fun films and television shows for you to watch.

So this weekend, if you’re not planning on going to the theaters to catch up on Oscar bait, stay at home and give yourself a mini-James Bond marathon. The streaming rights to the following 007 films (that is, all of them other than the Daniel Craig titles) expire on Sunday, January 8/midnight Saturday January 7.

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Connery Films

* Never Say Never Again

* Diamonds are Forever

* From Russia With Love

* Goldfinger

* Dr. No

* Thunderball

* You Only Live Twice

Lazenby Film

* On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Moore Films

* The Man With the Golden Gun

* Live and Let Die

* The Spy Who Loved Me

* Octopussy

* Moonraker

* A View to a Kill

* For Your Eyes Only

* The Spy Who Loved Me

Dalton Films

* Licence to Kill

* The Living Daylights

Brosnan Films

* The World is Not Enough

* Goldeneye

* Tomorrow Never Knows