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Vacation Robo-Post: What TV Are You Looking Forward to in 2012?

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Speaking of vacation binge-viewing–I’m writing this in advance to auto-post while I’m away, so just take my word for it that I recently put up a post on vacation binge-viewing–my holidays are a time when I’m consuming a lot of midseason TV along with my egg nog. Around this time last year, I was about to screen the full season of FX’s Lights Out—which did not survive until 2012—and was wondering what would come of big, much-hyped gambles like Game of Thrones and Terra Nova.

Come January, the new seasons and new series start to debut in earnest, and I’ve already previewed one of my most-anticipated TV shows of 2012: HBO’s Girls, created by and starring Lena Dunham, about a group of Brooklyn women in their early 20s (see trailer, above). I don’t want to pre-empt my review (the debut is not until April), but the pilot is sharply observed and rawly funny in how it deals with money, sex and fledgling ambitions. (Think 2 Broke Girls, but with more brains, more brokeness and less racism.)

There’s much, much more, of course, on broadcast and cable: NBC’s Smash, Fox’s Alcatraz, ABC’s The River, new seasons of Justified, Mad Men and, yes, Game of Thrones–and that’s just the first few months of the year. What’s highest on your can’t wait list–and which hyped shows could you not care less about?