Video: Watch Tom Cruise Do That Thing Where He Runs All Over the Place

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Moviegoers who caught Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol this weekend (in early release on 425 IMAX screens) were able to see: Tom Cruise run from a Kremlin bombing, Tom Cruise run from a Dubai sandstorm and Tom Cruise run down the side of the tallest building in the world. Because that’s what he does.

Sure, there are plenty of movies in which Tom Cruise does not run: Top Gun (he flies), Days of Thunder (he drives), Born on the Fourth of July (you know), Cocktail (he mixes), A Few Good Men (he argues), Interview with the Vampire (he poses, prettily), Eyes Wide Shut (he walks a lot, slowly and with feeling), Magnolia (he motivates, misogynistically) and Lions for Lambs (he talks, boringly).

But all those other ones? There’s some major hoofing going on. We found most of them (Knight and Day, we gave you the shaft—sorry!) and put them together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

(Special thanks to video editor Valerie Lapinski, who put this supercut together.)

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