Listen: The Best Music of 2011 Is Now On Spotify

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Earlier this week, TIME released its Best of 2011 lists, which included round-ups of our favorite songs and albums of the past year.  Because we’re so nice — and because we never grew out of our adolescent mixtape phase — we’ve put together a Spotify list of our choices.

You can listen here: TIME’s Best Songs and Albums of 2011.

The first ten tracks are the songs featured on our Best Songs of 2011 list. After that, there are two tunes from each Best Albums entry. There’s some overlap of course (if you produced an awesome album, it probably contains some pretty awesome songs), but the artists that are featured more than once are there because they deserve it. Or at least we think so.

Sadly, Adele and the Black Keys currently have only one song from their 2011 albums (21 and El Camino, respectively) available on Spotify, so we had to make due with what they gave us. But everyone else is well represented.  Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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