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Poll: Fox News Viewers Less Informed (Except About the Nutritional Value of Pepper Spray)

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So here’s a finding that may or may not surprise you: a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll of New Jersey residents found that Fox News viewers were less well-informed about current events than respondents who watched no news at all. Our public discourse being the predictable thing it is, this means it’s time to debunk the poll and/or attack its premise, so here are a few suggestions:

* The poll was taken by academics, and we all know academics are liberal

* The poll was reported by the media, and we all know the media are liberal

* The poll tested respondents on knowledge, which is elitist

* Teleprompter!

In fairness, I should note that the poll did not ask respondents whether pepper spray is “a food product, essentially.” Fox News viewers, if they saw Megyn Kelly rationalize the use of the spray by UC Davis campus police against nonviolent protesters (above), would have aced that one.