Today’s Movie Trailer: Titanic 3-D. Will Our Hearts Go On?

James Cameron's 1997 classic will be re-released on April 6. Get ready to fall for Leonardo DiCaprio all over again.

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When I think about James Cameron’s Titanic, I don’t think about the movie as much the frenzy that surrounded it. I was 15 when it came out in 1997 — the perfect age to develop a debilitating crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, which is exactly what every girl in my high school promptly did. If only we had been the ones to watch him float away, freezing, on a piece of wood, we opined, maybe we too could spend our entire lives mourning a great love! I remember this one girl in my gym class saw Titanic eight times in the theater. The rest of us were so jealous.

How many of those same people will turn out to see Titanic when it’s re-released in 3-D on April 6. Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox have reportedly spent $18 million dollars converting the film, which is still the second-highest grossing release of all time (Cameron’s Avatar took the top spot in 2009). The trailer has just been released and, well, it’s the same timeless romance you know and love. There’s just one difference: this time when the boat breaks in half, it will do it in your face.