Moby’s Choice for the All-TIME 100 Songs List

We asked some musicians what songs they would have included in the All-TIME 100 Songs List. Here is Moby's touching tribute to David Bowie's "Heroes."

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It’s easy to forget this, but every famous musician was, at one point, an impressionable music fan.

Bob Dylan was once just a Minnesotan teenager taken with the stylings of Woodie Guthrie. Aretha Franklin was young girl singing in her father’s Baptist church. Thom Yorke was a geeky British kid enthralled by Queen’s Brian May. They aren’t that much different from us in that respect—except that the passion music aroused in them fueled grand plans and aspirations and ultimately changed the direction of their lives. Oh yeah, and their talent

When we compiled TIME’s list of 100 best songs, we decided to reach out to musicians to find out what songs they felt should be included. We’ll be posting some of their responses tomorrow. But while most people just talked to us about their favorite song, Moby actually agreed to play it for us.  Here is his touching video about a love song that moved him when he was just a young boy working as a golf caddie.

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