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Elsewhere on Time.com: Dancing Every Week

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As I like to say, there’s one thing you have to give TV credit for: there’s a lot of TV on it. Too much for me to review, or even acknowledge, as one man with one blog. But if you have not noticed, my colleagues at Time.com’s NewsFeed have been beefing up their weekly TV coverage lately, today’s example being Melissa Locker’s recap of Dancing with the Stars, which is entertaining even in those weeks when no celebrity accidentally exposes herself:

Most financially savvy song choice: Chynna Phillips opted to dance a rumba to her own song. Specifically, Wilson Phillips’ ’90s mega hit, “Hold On.” This clever move means that she collected song royalties while also being paid to perform on the show. Multiple revenue streams! I guess if you are married to Billy Baldwin, one of you has to be the breadwinner.

Also at time.com today, TIME writer John Cloud is back with his weekly writeup of House, now with more prison! Read them, note them, make a weekly habit of them.