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The Morning After: A Night to Remember? Plus, Who Has the Best and Worst U.S. Accents?

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Deadline work kept me from posting this Morning After until afternoon (hey, it’s still morning on the West Coast!), but that means I’ve had time to see the overnight ratings in the meantime. It was a big night for New Girl, which would have been considered a success if it held most of Glee’s audience on Fox; instead, it built considerably on Glee, drawing more than 10 million viewers, many of them in Fox’s young target audience.

But it was also a very happy ratings debut for CBS’s Unforgettable, the CBS procedural with Poppy Montgomery as an investigator with near-total recall. I found the pilot too, well, forgettable to review here, so I’m especially interested in feedback from anyone who watched it (as well as your discussion of any other TV from last night).

And a side note: the most notable thing that stuck with me from the pilot of Unforgettable was how often I noticed Montgomery’s Australian accent slipping out. In an era of fine faux American accents on TV (e.g., Hugh Laurie), which overseas actors do the best and worst Yank accents in primetime?