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Plenty of Chances to Meet Fox’s New Girl

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Fox is deeply convinced that you will love Zooey Deschanel this fall in its comedy New Girl. But if you are not thus persuaded yet, then by God, Fox is going to help you learn to love her by any means necessary. To that end, Variety reports, the network today will begin previewing the show’s pilot in various forums online, two weeks before it debuts on TV.

According to the trade magazine, New Girl will begin previewing on iTunes today; next week, it goes on Hulu, Fox.com, video-on-demand and “a Deschanel-backed blog called Hello Giggles.” Because of course it would be called Hello Giggles.

It would be reasonable to wonder if the move will cannibalize the TV audience for the debut. Fox, however, is hoping the sneak-peek will generate word-of-mouth, and snark aside, it may have something there; New Girl is one of the strongest pilots I’ve seen for fall.

The hope, then, is that you’ll watch, and—hip, well-connected media socializer that you are—tell all your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter and whoever’s using Google Plus to watch the “adorkable” (Fox marketing’s word) Deschanel.

Because how could you not? Look at her eyes! She’ll be so sad if you don’t!