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JPTV: Talking to Piers Morgan About Piers Morgan Talking About Christine O'Donnell

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Yesterday I noted that Christine O’Donnell’s walking off Piers Morgan Tonight during an interview was not exactly a bad thing for Piers Morgan Tonight, which could use it as a publicity boost. Boy, are they! Last night the show returned to the subject, sounding out guest James Fallows on O’Donnell’s walkoff, while CNN anchors have been repeatedly spotlighting the interview that “everybody’s talking about,” at least in their offices. And tonight, PMT is actually rerunning the interview, since it has obviously become the Frost/Nixon of our time. (To be fair, O’Donnell is getting her extra 15 minutes from the “controversy” as well, having charged Morgan with sexism for having asked her about the contents of her own book.)

I tweeted this morning about the absurdity of the rerun plans, and that got the attention of PMT’s producers, who asked me to come on tonight’s show and talk about how PMT is milking the publicity, and thus, to help them milk the publicity. (My chyron should read, “JAMES PONIEWOZIK: PART OF THE PROBLEM.”) So those of you inclined to watch cable news on a Friday night can see if I can get Piers to storm off his own show.

In other news, I’m going out of the country for a week after I tape the interview. The two facts are unrelated, though depending on my performance it may be a happy coincidence.