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Dead Tree Alert: Are These MTV's 30 Best Videos?

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This Dead Tree Alert is a bit of a cheat; there is no new issue of TIME magazine this week. But MTV turns 30 years old on Monday, and in the issue currently on newsstands, there’s a photo spread on 30 highlights from MTV’s 30 years on the air. And, for a bit more fun, time.com has put together a list of the 30 greatest MTV videos of all time.

I did not contribute to that list, which means that I am as free to sit on the sidelines and quibble with it as you. (Actually, most of the videos on the list probably would have made my own 30.) And I invite you to do the same. But I will follow my own rule, which I ask you to follow in the comments: if you name videos that should be on the list, you must nominate an equal number of videos that you would take off.

I’ll start: The White Stripes’ / Michel Gondry’s “Hardest Button to Button” is a fine video, but it is not “Fell in Love with a Girl.” It just is not.