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TCA Roundup: That's PROFESSOR Boston Rob to You

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The TCA TV critics’ press tour continued yesterday with the first full day of panels, from various cable channels. What did we learn?

* That America, God help it, is going to be learning history from Survivor’s “Boston Rob” Mariano. Or at least “history,” as brought to you by the History channel, which means Around the World in 80 Ways, in which Mariano will attempt to circumnavigate the globe by means of transport including chariot, ostrich and blimp. Think of it as The Amazing Race, minus the airport scenes!

* That there is a network called GMC, and it is apparently not dedicated to automotive insurance.

* That ESPN is airing seven more 30 for 30 documentaries, making it, what, 37 for 30?

* And that you can’t have a TCA press tour without a TV critic, or two, writing essays on why TCA is useless now. One thing that hasn’t changed about it? The essays about how useless it is.