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The Long Con

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Cartoon Network / Lucasfilm

San Diego Comic Con 2011 is starting. I’m not there. No offense to the Con, but my Cad Bane costume still needs stitching, and I don’t believe in doing these things halfway.

There should as usual be a fair amount of TV news and previews, though, along with the other entertainment wares presenters will be peddling, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. In the meantime, TIME’s Techland will be providing coverage, including Lev Grossman, who is both reporting at the Con and promoting his upcoming novel The Magician King.

Lev’s dispatches are regularly my favorite thing about SDCC, and here’s why–from his walk-up post:

Plus when you’re 42, you feel creepy ogling the teenage cosplayers. You do it — don’t get me wrong! But you feel creepy.

So you’re not exactly sprinting to catch that cross-country flight to San Diego. You’re more like a monarch butterfly returning to that one glade in Mexico that gets all covered with butterflies every year. You’re looking forward to some tasty milkweed or whatever, but damn your wings are tired. And some of those other butterflies could use a shower.

In the meantime, from humid, garbage-smelling NYC, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for reports. What are you most curious about?