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Modern Family Watch: If This Minivan's A-Rockin'…

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[vodpod id=Video.6072835&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Last night’s return of Modern Family was dominated by two gags whose setups you probably saw coming like a… well, like a minivan plastered with an unintentionally inappropriate real-estate ad. (The “I Can’t Be Satisfied” tagline and the knowledge that a big letter F would drop onstage in Cam’s musical were the tip-offs, no?) But that made each, especially the van gag, no less hilarious in their execution, and in the characters’ reaction to them. (The more heartfelt storyline involving Jay’s brother and his prostate cancer, was well-executed, but most notable to me for the shock of seeing Jonathan Banks—i.e., cold-blooded killer Mike from Breaking Bad—in a family comedy.)

But given that the main attraction of the episode was two elaborate sight gags and their setups, I’ll dispense with a long review and simply roll the video of one, above. Were you satisfied?