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Electoral Sweeps: Trump Said to Plan Announcement of Prez Announcement on Apprentice

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According to Newsmax, Donald Trump will announce the next step in his political career on the season finale of his reality show. As did Jefferson and Churchill before him.

Reports the conservative website, Trump will use the finale to announce a press conference a few days later, at which he will in turn announce his candidacy. There’s some confusion here: Mediaite notes today that Trump said in a radio interview that he’s not allowed to announce a run on Celebrity Apprentice because of campaign regulations, but if the Newsmax report is correct, he would technically be announcing an announcement.

In any event, as you can see, this whole story has nothing to do with boosting his ratings. In the meantime, if you’re interested in more Trumpiana, see my colleague Michael Scherer’s interview with him, in which he asked the perennial not-quite-candidate whether he could offer any assurance that he’s serious this time. “You have no assurance,” Trump answered. “I am just telling you I hate what is happening to the country.”

Tune in to the exciting finale of The Apprentice, and just maybe he’ll tell you more!