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The Morning After: Brick City

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Last night, the Connecticut Huskies beat the Butler Bulldogs 53-41, in what I believe was the final score of a basketball game. Butler, dominated by an aggressive UConn defense, was held to the lowest score in an NCAA final since 1949, concluding an amazing run for the Huskies, who—all right, that’s about all the sports analysis I have for you here. But the game, as usual, closed with what has for better or worse become a landmark of modern TV sports: the “One Shining Moment” clip reel. My colleague Sean Gregory has Five Facts About “One Shining Moment,” including the decision this year to restore the Luther Vandross version (above, debuting in 2003) after last year’s usurpation by Jennifer Hudson.

Outside the NCAA finals, meanwhile, poor execution was still a problem, as Kirstie Alley’s dance partner dropped her on Dancing with the Stars. What made your highlight reel last night?