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Detroit Breakdown: Charlie Sheen's Truth Torpedo Bombs in Motown

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I have never been so proud of my native metro area. Detroit’s Fox Theater was the first stop on Charlie Sheen‘s Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour (or as I prefer, a la Conan, the Constitutionally Unable to Stop Being Insane on Television Tour), and it got off to a disastrous start by all accounts. Much of the 5,000-person crowd turned of Sheen in the midst of the slapdash stage show—which included old video clips, rants, the burning of a shirt from his Two and a Half Men wardrobe and a performance, on tape, from Snoop Dogg.

Before it was over, crowd members started heckling Sheen and walking out. (Responded Sheen to one heckler: “I already got your money.”) And since the show, prices for Sheen’s upcoming dates have been plummeting on the resale market.

Reportedly, Sheen is scrambling to “reboot” the show. Maybe the best way would be by canceling it and working on rebooting his life, though I’m not holding my breath. But we can hope that with this, the tigerblood has finally jumped the shark. And if a year from now, you fail to remember why we ever cared about Charlie Sheen in the first place, you can thanks the good people of Detroit.