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The Morning After: The Fake Housewives of New York City

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Since we’re coming off the news of NBC’s pickup of four of its six Thursday comedies, this is a good time to note that 30 Rock is having a pretty fine fifth season so far. I still feel the show often makes better jokes than episodes; that is, I probably quote lines from it more than any other sitcom on TV now, but I’m not sure I could usually recall the episodes they came from.

But when its run of references and parodies are focused, it adds up to something big, as in “Queen of Jordan,” evidence that the 30 Rock writers’ room must watch the hell out of the Real Housewives series. (The NBC Universal cross-promo works not just because 30 Rock is a comedy about NBCU—or because we already know Liz Lemon is a Top Chef fan—but because I would bet there’s decent overlap between its own upscale audience demo and Bravo’s “affluencers.”) Maybe the funniest aspect of the episode was seeing where the show’s characters would fit in the hierarchy of a Bravo-style reality show (“Liz, Another Person”).

Your thoughts on the episode, or the rest of Thursday’s lineup? Watch What Happens!