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Anderson Cooper and Crew Attacked in Egypt

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When an international news story like the uprising in Egypt breaks, American anchors will often appears on the scene in what appear to be carefully controlled circumstances. But as Anderson Cooper‘s CNN crew showed, there is no magical bubble of American-media invulnerability at the scene of a revolution. According to Cooper, a pro-Mubarak crowd set upon him, his producer and his crew, beating them, trying to take their camera and forcing them to retreat. Cooper describes the scene in the video above; producer Steve Brusk tweeted that Cooper said he was punched in the head “10 times” by the mob. (Obviously, Egyptian citizens were suffering even worse, as fighting broke out and the scene in the street has become increasingly violent; “This is not moving in a peaceful direction,” Cooper just said in a live report.) Further proof, if needed, that it’s a very volatile situation in Cairo, and reporting it a dangerous job.