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The Morning After: Lights On?

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Lights Out, FX’s strong new boxing drama that I gave a positive review, has been on the ropes in the ratings,* and I have no time today to review last night’s episode at length. I am part of the problem. But I want to see if Tuned Inlanders have stuck with the series up to this episode, which was the one that sold me on the drama and got me to commit to watch it through the end. (Which meant watching 13 episodes of TV for a roughly 50-word writeup in the print TIME.) In particular, I’m enjoying how the show is beginning to sketch in the corrupt yet fascinating larger world of boxing, largely through the captivating work of Reg E. Cathey as Barry Word—he makes what could have been a one-note Don King knockoff a savvy, subtle operator.

If you’re still watching, let us know what you think—and get a friend to watch with you.

* What is it about boxing that leads writers to the cheapest of puns? It’s like our glass jaw!