The Night Shift: Larry King Breaks It Down For Conan – Stand-Up Comedy, Fashion Guru Ryan Seacrest, World’s Best Bagels

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Larry King was on a ROLL last night on Conan, leaving the host dumbfounded when he wasn’t about to fall out of his seat laughing.

The strangest assertion of all had to do with Ryan Seacrest and denim.

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First, the chuckles: Conan O’Brien recounted one of his all-time favorite showbiz memories, when King donned huge angel wings and ran across a bridge to save a despondent Conan from jumping. Then they launched into a great Las Vegas debate, with King saying that he was about to perform stand-up alongside his wife at the Mirage, which is bigger than the Palms – where Conan once played.

Conan, though, challenged the assertion, ordered his researchers to look into the venues, and yep, it turns out Conan played a bigger house.

“Mine is $1,700 a seat!” King retorted, trying to one-up the redheaded one.

Then there was the dumbfounded part: Not only has Larry King apparently signed on as the spokesman for a nationwide bagel chain — which claims it can replicate Brooklyn-quality water at every franchise across the U.S. – but he has long taken fashion advice from Ryan Seacrest.

In fact, Seacrest mails him denim. Often.

“Ryan Seacrest send you JEANS?!” Conan said, aghast. “Those are Ryan Seacrest’s jeans?!”

“No, he buys them I guess,” King responded, standing up and flaunting his wardrobe.”What do you mean: They’re not from his body! Maybe they are…”

“Maybe they are! Maybe he takes them off at night puts them in a FedEx envelope and you get them. Those are very Seacrest-y jeans, I’m telling ya.”