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House Watch: Back (Pain) to Basics

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Over at TIME’s Healthland blog (Swampland, Techland, Healthland—when will Tuned In acquire land?), my colleague John Cloud has been recapping House, M.D. From his writeup of last night’s “Carrot or Stick” (spoiler alert, kind of):

They start Driscoll on an antibiotic (doxycycline), but soon he has another symptom: his leg muscles feel like they are in a vise. This leads to a fourth differential meeting. “The leg pain was caused by a muscle cramp from low sodium, which was caused by kidney dysfunction,” Foreman posits.

House wonders what could cause kidney dysfunction on top of everything else.

“Arsenic poisoning,” says Masters.

“If it was arsenic, they’d be puking and pooping,” replies House.

All this, and Wegener’s granulomatosis, too! Read the rest here.