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The Morning After: The Mirrorball Primary Is Over

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Quick spoilers for last night’s Dancing with the Stars finale after the jump:

So after all the controversy, conspiracy talk and jawboning, Jennifer Grey, whom seemingly everyone pegged from the beginning to win Dancing with the Stars, won Dancing with the Stars. Why, after all the talk that some online Tea Party juggernaut was going to carry Bristol Palin across the finish line? Was it political backlash? Overexposure? A failed coup? Or was it—as I’m guessing—that DWTS fans recognized that Grey was the better dancer all along, and Palin was another reality contestant in the grand tradition of Jasmine Trias: a dark-horse contestant with a fan base big enough to carry her longer than the evidence of our senses would have suggested, but not big enough to win.

In any case, I would hope that the end of this season of DWTS would put an end to the overinterpreting of the political importance of Bristol Palin’s performance. Though she herself encouraged just that last night when she said that winning would be “a big middle finger to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me.”

Yes, it’s good not to lose sight of what’s really important.