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Was Lou Dobbs' High Horse Groomed By an Undocumented Worker?

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Lou Dobbs, the former CNN host who turned up this week as a client on The Good Wife, is in a real-life legal controversy. After he made a name for years with his crusade against illegal immigration, a year-long investigation by The Nation charges that Dobbs himself employed undocumented workers to maintain his estate and horses. The progressive-politics magazine says it spoke with five undocumented workers, whose jobs included grooming $1 million “European Warmbloods” (you cannot make that breed name up) for Dobbs’ daughter.

Do I personally care if Dobbs employed workers in this country illegally? I, like any New Yorker who has ever ordered takeout, have likely benefited far more than I know from the work of illegal immigrants. But considering that Dobbs based the latter part of his broadcasting career—and even a possible future Senate or Presidential run—on an Americans-first stand, he’s got a bit of explaining to do.

In any event, this could make one hell of a case for Alicia Florrick.