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President Trump? Not If Snooki Runs

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Not President of the ratings.

Over at his redesigned The Page site, my colleague Mark Halperin has been reporting that someone commissioned a poll testing Donald Trump‘s name among a list of potential 2012 Republican Presidential candidates. And in an interview with TIME, Trump is not entirely denying being interested in running: “If I ever did, this would be the time.”

Whoever’s testing Trump’s numbers in New Hampshire might want to look, though, at his anemic figures in the democracy known as the Nielsen ratings. His show The Apprentice, at 10 p.m. on NBC, is putting up its most miserable ratings ever, last week scoring a mere 3.7 million viewers, which would have been an awful night even for The Jay Leno Show. Among several other programs America is more interested in now is MTV’s Jersey Shore, which beat everything in broadcast in 18-to-49-year-old viewers.

Ah, poor Donald. Maybe he and John McCain can find a casino tax to complain about on Twitter.