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Return Dates for Caprica, In Treatment

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Gabriel Byrne as Paul


One’s about disturbed minds, one’s about disembodied minds, and fans of HBO’s therapy drama In Treatment and Syfy’s artificial-intelligence drama Caprica can all set their minds at ease: each show is coming back in October.

Caprica, whose fans were initially told they’d have to wait until next year for the second half of the first season, will be back Oct. 5. As producers and the network tell it, the series—promising and cerebral but at times sluggish—will return with raised dramatic stakes.

In Treatment, meanwhile, will be back for season three on Oct. 25, with new cast members including Irrfan Kahn, Debra Winger, Dane DeHaan and (yay!) Amy Ryan. Paul Weston’s adventures in his patients’ psyches and his own has a limited audience, but the show is a fascinating, stage-play-like representation of mental wrestling in which the talk is the action—and given the limited set and location requirements, it probably gets made for little more than Gabriel Byrne’s cabfare, so what the hell?

Yet another example of a fall season in which nearly all the interesting action is happening on cable—but more on that later.