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The Winner… ESPN!

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The Wimbledon marathon.

OK, I guess I can see why some of you find this whole sports-on-TV thing so exciting. It was quite a day for sports, in particular sports on ESPN, starting with this morning’s US vs. Algeria World Cup match, which ended (spoiler alert!) in a breathtaking 1-0 American victory on a Landon Donovan goal in what I am told is called stoppage time. (I have never yelled so much at my TV for reasons not having to do with Time Warner Cable.) The big winner, besides the Yanks, was Disney, which can presumably count on a huge tune-in for Saturday’s game on ESPN’s sister network ABC—and further, assuming the U.S. progresses farther. (Or even if not. I’m guessing we minted a few new American soccer fans this afternoon.)

Meanwhile, as I type, we are currently in the ninth hour of a marathon Wimbledon match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner, which is presently at 2 sets each and 54-53 in the fifth set. I’m watching it now on ESPN U, though you can also find it streaming online (see picture above). Feel free to get some snacks before you turn it on; this could be going on for a while.

[Update: A few minutes after 4 p.m. E.T., the match has been suspended—again!—at 59-all. Everyone can go pee now!]