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Celebs to IMDB: Stop Telling Our Ages!

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We may have to make this a Hollywood-ageism theme day: Betty White may be living large, but for the rest of the showbiz industry, age ain’t nothing but an zealously protected number. Now the Writer’s Guild of America has started a campaign to enable showbiz folks to be able to zap their ages from IMDB; the Screen Actors’ Guild has reportedly made a similar request, citing the particular fallout for older non-star actors. Today IMDB, tomorrow Wikipedia!

Currently IMDB offers a trove of age and birthdate info. Fans of Glee, for instance, can read that Cory Monteith (Finn) is 28, making him akin to the Luke Perry of 2010. (Also—gasp—Canadian!)

I say we make a deal: ditch the ages and replace them with detailed information of cosmetic-surgery procedures.

(Via TIME’s News Feed and The Wrap)