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NBC Goes Undercover With J. J. Abrams

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I suppose the thing that really would have qualified as news would have been if NBC didn’t pick up a highly publicized, presumably less-than-cheap pilot from J.J. Abrams, but nonetheless: the network has given the go-ahead to Undercovers, the married-spies romance-drama.

Good thing that NBC doesn’t already have a romance-drama about a couple who also happen to be undercover spies! Especially one struggling in the ratings! Because it would suck to be that show right now! Ahem. In I’m sure totally unrelated news, Josh Schwartz tweets,

Watching tonight’s Chuck could be very important… So watch live!

No DVR! No skipping the commercials! We’re doing fine, though!

In seriousness, no, I don’t think Undercovers kills Chuck; I just don’t think it exactly helps. It could even be that the shows get packaged as an NBC “Spy Night”—but if it happens, it’s not because NBC thinks the pairing will juice Chuck’s ratings but simply because the network has too many holes to fill.

After all, NBC did program both 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and that worked out really well. For one of them.