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Nike, Tiger Woods and the Saddest Ad of All Time

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So there are a few things that are pretty much known to move product. Sex, of course—we all know sex sells. And a good deep discount—people love to save money! Oh, and also? A pained, publicly shamed celebrity staring dead-eyed at you while being interrogated by the edited, disembodied voice of his dead father. It can’t miss!

Personally, I have about this much interest in the Tiger Woods scandal and am glad to let the guy go back to playing golf. But if there’s such a thing as an ad that does the opposite of selling, this is it: it more or less makes me want to go through my house, gather up everything I own with a Nike swoosh on it, and sell it.

On the other hand, Nike did get me to embed their ad here, so, um, yay?