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Super Bowl Beats Everything on TV, Ever

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Last night’s Super Bowl was the most watched program.

Period. Of the night, the week, the year, the Christian era, you name it—at 106.5 million viewers, it broke the record held for 27 years by the finale of M*A*S*H. (Which means that that many people, give or take a few million bathroom breaks, watched that crappy Dodge ad.)

As I’m not a sports fan, the amount of people who tune into one big game as opposed to another is always something of a mystery. The elements that last night’s game had going for it—name-brand players, a close contest (at least until the end), dramatic behind-the-scenes stories—have all been present before, but maybe there was just a perfect storm of them. (And maybe the perfect storm that hit the East Coast kept a few more people watching at home rather than out.) Your thoughts?