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Jaypocalypse Now: You Be the Programmer

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Looks like we may as well make a Jay Day of it. Over at my Twitter feed, people have been tossing out suggestions for what they’d like to see NBC toss in as stopgap programming if they have five hours of The Jay Leno Show to replace in a month and a half. (Required caveat: If it happens!) In particular, it has awakened the pangs of longing for every show NBC has ever cancelled in the past.

I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll much of that—sorry, Surface fans—but, hey, NBC does have (theoretically) five hours to fill, so let’s dream a little! Keeping in mind that NBC is not going to develop, shoot pilots for, pick up and put into production five quality dramas in a few weeks’ time, what would you like to slap into the lonely crater that once housed Jay Leno? And extra credit: what do you think NBC will put there?