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The Morning After: I Want to Be Your Sledgehammer

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Quick spoilers for The Sing-Off after the jump:

And then there were three. My impressions of the penultimate night of The Sing-Off:

Nota: Liked their version of Sledgehammer (above) better than the judges did, and glad they finally spread around the lead-singing duties a bit.

The Beelzebubs: OK, maybe this is something I simply don’t get because I went to a state university in the Midwest, but what is the deal with the ties, cardigans, jackets and crests? Are you people from Tufts or Hogwarts? No complaints musically, though the ‘Bubs Who medley didn’t make as big a splash as some of their earlier numbers.

Maxx Factor: Good night, ladies. I suppose I liked the idea of Maxx Factor better than their actual performance in practice. But it’s sweet to see that, in the year 2009, there’s a group of performers on primetime TV that thinks it necessary to clean up the Beach Boys’ line “Say goodnight and sleep together” to “stay together.” Ed Sullivan would be proud. [Or not: see the comments; or listen to the original yourself.]

The SoCals: Not even a round of shameless Glee-mongering—not only singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” but wearing the same shade of red as New Directions did when singing it—could save the USC alums tonight.

Voices of Lee: Once again, they did just well enough to fly under the radar into the next round, while not giving any individual performance that was especially memorable. Nonetheless part of me wants to see it come down to them and the Beelzebubs, simply so as to see a Contemporary Christian chorus battle it out against a singing group named after a demon.