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TIME Names Bernanke POY: Your Thoughts?

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Tuned In doesn’t generally cover the Federal Reserve, but we do cover media, and this time every year TIME makes a media story out of itself by naming its Person of the Year. This year it’s Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman; you can read the story here, and editor Rick Stengel’s rationale for picking him here.

I wasn’t involved in the POY selection, which happens well above my level on the masthead, and obviously wasn’t involved in preparing the package, not exactly being an economics correspondent. So I can’t speak to the selection process or why Bernanke was chosen and X, Y or Z wasn’t (outside the usual, general caveat that the POY is meant to be the most influential person of the year, not the best person of the year). But I’d like to hear your thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Who would you have picked?