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The Morning After: General Dynamics

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Quick spoilers for night two of The Sing-Off coming up after the jump:

I can’t pretend to be any kind of qualified judge of a cappella singing, but yesterday showed enough interest in The Sing-Off—including not one but two commenters with friends or relatives in the competition—that I might as well open the floor to your thoughts. Personally, while I didn’t much like Noteworthy the first night out, I thought they were much better last night and was sorry to see them go. Meanwhile, this show is doing wonders for my vocabulary. I still don’t entirely know what the term “dynamics” means, but I plane to work it into conversation as much as possible regardless.

And I ask you again: can anyone defeat the Bubs, or should we assume they have it in the bag? My money is on Nota having the best shot at the Tufts boys, though Maxx Factor may be the sentimental favorite.