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Stephanopoulos a Good Choice for GMA?

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Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post is reporting—as has been buzzed about for months—that ABC is offering the job as Diane Sawyer’s replacement on Good Morning America to George Stephanopoulos.

Now I am all for anything that shows a difficult-to-spell last name is no impediment to rising in the media. But is this the best choice for George?

It depends on what he wants, of course. If the idea is to burnish his credentials for, say, the evening-news anchor chair down the line, it could be, despite—no, precisely because of—the fact that GMA covers fluffier stuff than This Week on Sundays. After all, an anchor these days has to show range, and Katie, Charlie and Diane—not to mention Tom Brokaw—all came from the morning.

Then again, Kurtz says one thorny point of the negotiations is apparently Stephanopoulos’ desire to make the opening hour of GMA more reflective of his interest in politics. To which I say: more power to you if you can get ABC to agree to it, but don’t bank on it lasting.

And is it the best choice for GMA? I can’t honestly claim to be a big enough morning-show fan to have a strong opinion. Any ticked-off Chris Cuomo fans out there? (Besides Chris Cuomo?)