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Modern Family Watch: If You Have a Comb Sheath on Stage in the First Act…

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Brief spoilers for Modern Family coming up after the jump:

No time for an in-depth rundown of Wednesday’s Modern Family today, but “Fizbo” was just an impeccably executed pile-up of comic misfortune. Do yourself a favor and watch the money scene again, above. (By the way, did anyone else see the title and assume the episode would be about real estate?)

Besides playing well of the defining traits of several characters (Cameron’s dedication to performance, Manny’s persistent courtliness, Claire and Phil’s differing ideas of a good time), it also proved again that the show has a great touch for physical comedy. (See the shooting incident in the pilot and Jay’s decking Phil with the model airplane.) While the show did again go to the device of airing a meaningful speech over the closing scene, I’m all right with that as long as they change things up from time to time. And point-of-view zipline accidents are never not funny.

Also, I don’t think I’ll be getting around to a separate writeup of the “Hairography” episode of Glee, so those of you not out bargain-hunting should feel free to discuss it here.