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The Best Episodes of 2009

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"Belonging." one highlight of an up-and-down year for Dollhouse. / FOXYes, it’s that time of year, when people who work at magazines with lengthy production schedules must start thinking about lists of The Best Things of a year that still has two months to go. And I’m asking for your help.

It’s no state secret that I do two 10-Best TV lists: best series of the year, and best episodes of the year. Best series nominees are easy; the problem this year is narrowing it to ten, but I’ll just have to deal with it.

Best episodes is tougher, and thus, more interesting. It inevitably overlaps with the best-series list, but if done right, it shouldn’t overlap totally. It’s a great way to recognize shows that are erratic but, at their best, brilliant. (Dollhouse was made for this category.)

But while I keep a running list of nominees through the year, even I can’t watch everything. So help jog my memory: What are your favorite episodes so far from 2009—especially those of non-usual-suspect shows I might overlook?