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Oprah to Interview Palin

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I suppose I could just put up a post with “Oprah” and “Palin” in the headline and let the Google searches do the rest, but here’s a little more detail. The Mighty O will have The Mighty P on her show Nov. 16, in connection with the release of Palin’s book, Going Rogue.

You will recall that there was a controversy, or rather “controversy,” during the election, when Oprah Winfrey said that she would not have any candidates, including Palin, on her show before the vote. (Winfrey endorsed Barack Obama, and had him on her show twice before her endorsement.) Her announcement followed a Drudge Report story that there were disagreements on Oprah’s staff as to whether to have Palin on—though there was no indication either that Palin had been invited, nor that Palin (who at the time had not done any press after her nomination) would appear on the show.

Now that Palin’s no longer governor, and not running for anything, she’s taking up Winfrey’s invitation extended after the election. It’ll be interesting to see how Palin presents herself on the show, and how soft or contentious the interview will be on both sides.