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Dead Tree Alert: Family of Guys

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In this week’s print TIME magazine, I review the cartoon empire of Seth MacFarlane, who dominates Fox’s Animation Domination with three animated sitcoms on Sunday nights. (And in his spare time, besides appearing in FlashForward, is going to do a variety special for Fox and Microsoft.) Regular readers will not be surprised that I am less than in love with Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, but I’ve taken a real shine to¬†American Dad, from which I wish MacFarlane’s other shows would learn a thing or two.

If you’re a fan (or even if you’re not), which of his comedies do you like most and least? Or can you even tell them apart?

Update: Because of an editing error, two sentences in the review read incorrectly. Details after the jump:

At a late stage of editing, I wanted to insert a reference to the fact that this season’s premiere of Family Guy was a spoof on the sci-fi show Sliders. I e-mailed a change so that it would read:

But the show’s fans love the randomness. This season’s premiere (a spoof of the sci-fi series Sliders) was almost self-parody…

But the parenthesis got inserted in the wrong spot, so that it read,

But the show’s fans love the randomness (a spoof of the sci-fi series Sliders). This season’s premiere was almost self-parody…

Rest assured that I am aware that the entire series of Family Guy is not a parody of Sliders. So far as I know.