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And Now for Something: Python Online, On Satellite

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First a little programming note: I’m going to be at the Ziegfeld Theater tonight,where the five surviving members of Monty Python will be honored for their 40th anniversary, after a screening for the theatrical cut of the new Python documentary, Almost the Truth: The Lawyer’s Cut. (The full, six-hour version begins airing on IFC Sunday night and throughout the week, and it’s well worth seeing.) So don’t expect much morning-after TV blogging tomorrow.

Those of you who don’t move in the glamorous circles of TV criticism—crap! I dunked my elbow in the French onion dip again!—can watch the reunion appearance streamed online, at about 9 p.m. E.T. tonight, at either ifc.com or PythOnline.com.

Starting tomorrow, meanwhile, Sirius XM is launching Monty Python Radio, a limited-run channel that will for ten days run classic Python sketches, fan requests and interviews. Python will be on Sirius channel 105 and XM channel 151, which I am going to assume means something to those of you with satellite radio.