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Elmo, Michelle Obama to Indoctrinate Your Kids With Veggies

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To usher in Sesame Street’s 40th year on air starting Nov. 10, First Lady Michelle Obama will be appearing on the show to continue to spread her radical/Marxist/fascist message about planting gardens and eating vegetables.

Having successfully turned an American city trying to get the Olympics into a partisan political issue, Obam-antagonists now have a solid month to figure out which aspect of this program to become outraged at. Allow me to make a few suggestions:

* The First Lady encourages children to plant and grow vegetables in their own gardens. In the midst of a jobs crisis, why is the Administration using public television to undermine America’s farmers and agribusiness?

* Sesame Street abounds with animals—a mighty bird, a plump Snuffleupagus—yet no one suggests harvesting this local bounty, as was good enough for the Pilgrims, to provide growing children with protein. What do you have against meat, Mrs. Obama? Why are you trying to force your extremist vegetarian agenda on our children?

* Also, you know who else was a vegetarian? Hitler! (Unless he wasn’t. But it sounds good.)

* The veggies program is part of “a two-year science initiative designed to increase positive attitudes towards nature, deepen children’s knowledge about the natural world and encourage behavior that shows respect and care for the environment.” What happens in the second year, Sesame Street? Is that when you send our children off to the socialist farming collectives?

* Oh, also, I’ll decide whether or not my children respect and care for the environment, thank you very much.

* At the end of the video, Mrs. Obama declares homegrown vegetables delicious to eat. Then the vegetables themselves command the children to cheer for the First Lady, who has just endorsed their destruction. If that isn’t brainwashing, I don’t know what is.

* Finally, you know what else grows in nature? ACORNs! Coincidence? I think not!