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The Morning After: Jay II

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In case anyone was wondering, I won’t be instituting a Jay Leno Show Watch on this blog any time soon. I watched last night’s show, and it’s pretty clear that we’re watching what is—with a few variations—late night in primetime. I’ll be keeping an eye on it (and its ratings—off a sharp but not unexpected one-third in early Nielsens), but I can’t see much to add night to night.

But I am curious who in Tuned Inland stuck around for the second night. There was a Jim Norton comedy segment (with a sight gag involving “Goin’ Solo Hand Cream,” because Leno is the alternative to that immature Conan O’Brien), and the 10 at 10 question segment has some potential, if Jay’s producers can scare up some celebs a little less guarded than Tom Cruise.

Beyond that, not much new to see here. Michael Moore’s a game, provocative talk-show guest—he sang!—but we have Larry King Live for that. I’m curious to see your impressions, though.