Glenn Beck: Closet Communist?

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The Los Angeles Times art critic Christopher Knight has a hilarious (and perfectly valid) follow-up today on Glenn Beck’s recent attempt to draw sinister inferences of fascist and communist content in the 30s-era artwork around Rockefeller Center. I posted about Beck’s tirade just before I disappeared last week on a long work trip. (Not to Moscow, Glenn. Honest.)

As Knight points out, the logo for the 9/12 March on Washington this past weekend, a project dear to Beck’s heart, prominently features an upraised fist — the immemorial symbol of the radical left, from the Industrial Workers of the World, who first adopted it in 1917, to the ’60s campus radical organization the SDS, to countless communist parties around the world.

Comrade Beck — just what are you trying to tell us?

You can find Knight’s fist-history here.