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Ratings Roundup: Policy, Harmony, Anarchy

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A few bits of ratings news as we start to get warmed up for premiere season:

* President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress drew 32.1 million viewers, up from the 24.5 million his last primetime health care press conference drew (though not not up to the massive audiences he was getting just after his inauguration).

* After months and scads of promotion, Glee drew 7.3 million viewers for its return—not a landslide, but a pretty healthy figure, especially considering it got more eyeballs than its So You Think You Can Dance lead-in and did especially well in the advertiser-lucrative young crowd.

* And this came absolutely out of nowhere, though it’s well-deserved: Sons of Anarchy’s second-season premiere was up a whopping 95 percent from its first season. [The article says 94 percent; the updated ratings now say 95 percent.] I have no explanation for this. Added bonus: it left tire tracks down the back of the weak Melrose Place premiere the same night.