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Vacation Robo-Post: What Would Don Draper Do?

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If all has gone well, no worldwide catastrophes have occurred and no computers melted down, I have a review of the first three episodes of season 3 of Mad Men in TIME magazine today. It should be on this website. I do not have the link, because I am writing this post in the distant past. Use the Google.

[Update: As I posted the other day, my review contains a spoiler alert, but if you want to go into the new season entirely unspoiled about when it takes place or what has happened in between seasons, do not read my review. Short version: it’s still great, and you should watch it.]

Anyway, unless my editor axed the line entirely, I have a sentence in there about how Don Draper, while a philanderer who stole a man’s identity, is not a complete heel: he’s also thoughtful, supportive, principled sometimes to a fault. It took me a while to write that sentence, because it forced me to really think: What kind of guy is Don Draper? He can also be cold, cynical, amoral, &c. 

So—as you wait for the season premiere Sunday night—I put it to you: what do you think of Don Draper? Assuming you don’t think he’s entirely bad or entirely good, where does he fall on the continuum? Do you identify with him? 

Mix yourself a martini, have fun with this, and I’ll see you cats next week.