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TCA Roundup: NBC and Fox

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In Pasadena, the summer TV critics’ press tour is getting close to wrapping up, and with a vacation looming—yes, that’s Robo-James you hear warming up—this may be the last tour-news roundup I post. A few last tidbits:

* Friday Night Lights is returning to NBC, but possibly not until summer—and no Tyra until season 5.

* NBC didn’t want Medium, but doesn’t want CBS to have it (yet) either.

* The producers of Glee have never seen High School Musical. Have they seen Election?

* Fringe’s producers talk alternate reality. (I believe my copyeditors would say the proper phrase would be alternative reality. Ahem!)

* Fox’s chief Kevin Reilly (who used to program NBC), is predicting success for Jay Leno. Kind of.